*Cue Pharrell’s “Happy”* 7 Tips on How to Deal With Anxiety

Recently I have not been as happy as I should be or have been. My life as a post graduate looms over me and seeing all my friends who have day jobs doesn’t help me. They’re living in the city of Chicago and seem to have found there way in the span of a few months and that has made me start thinking that I am in a bit of a rut. This “rut” that I speak of has happened to me before throughout my four years of college and as someone who struggles with anxiety it probably won’t go away any time soon. It also doesn’t help that with being on the spectrum, I can have trouble when dealing with my emotions when they are at a high level of stress or anger. So for me personally, it takes a lot for me to get through a tough time without blowing a fuse. I also have this general problem that was brought up by a friend of mine who seems to have the same though process as me. I fear that people aren’t ever genuinely excited to see me or hear my name fluttering around when some good news comes my way. It’s a fear that social media has put into a lot of millennial minds that it’s not just about the likes and comments you get on a post or a new profile picture, it’s a matter of real life too and the results that you see in front of you. I believe I am a genuine person and that is not my ego talking (I don’t believe I even have one). It’s times like this where I have to go back and find things that get me into a happy state of mind: So here are a few things I do and hopefully they help you too, or maybe you already do them and if so then you’re ahead of the curve!

  1. It’s Okay to Have Some Me Time chandler-bing-530x513 Look, we’ve all been there and sometimes when we have had it up to here in the world the only thing you can do is just isolate yourself from the outside world. Turn on the TV, lay in bed, don’t message or call anyone and just stay in touch with your thoughts. It has done wonders for me and I am sure it will and can do wonders for you too.

2. Turn Off Social Media for a Little While stanmarsh Yes, as hard as that sounds and is to do, getting off your phone and laptop is good for you. Social media has some negatives to it when it comes to leading depression and loss of interest in the outside world. It is okay to spend time in reality instead of virtual reality.

3. Go Out and Do Something Fun workaholics.gif Okay, I’m not encouraging a night that you won’t remember (hopefully you all know your limit if you’re of age). But do something that you have found fun in your free time and use that as a distraction. It does wonders of clearing your mind from whatever negatives have come your way!

4. Parents Are Always There For You Father and mother kissing daughter They are always there for you! Seriously, I cannot tell you how many late night calls or confrontations I’ve had with my folks where I was an emotional wreck. They know when you’re upset, trust me… THEY KNOW! As annoyed as you can be at the world and maybe don’t have the energy to say something, just know that you always have good ears waiting to hear from you and help you no matter what. (Love you Mom and Dad).

5. When in Rome, LET THEM ALL NAP!

naps.gif <This little girl knows what I’m laying down (HA, sleep pun). Sleep is important (7-8 hours blah blah blah), but a nap is just as important. I’m not encouraging two hour naps as they can cause sleep deprivation, but a good 30-45 minute power nap is exactly what we all need every now and then. So if you find time in your day when you just need to crash take advantage of that!

6. My Hobbies Include… Bond.gif If you have hobbies or a hobby then use that to take your mind off of what’s troubling you. If you don’t have one, It would be a good way to use time wisely and productively find your interests and see what you makes you happy! I love to read up on my favorite teams; Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears… (Well they suck, but still). Hobbies help distract you in a positive way and can help decompress yourself.


cant-breathe.gif < Don’t breathe like that! But remember, it helps us stay alive… DUH. It also helps with calming anxiety and staying composed in any situation. Whether it’s a big test, huge audition, job interview or a date (Yeah, we’ve all been there). So if you ever feel like you’re going to combust into a burst of flames or erupt like Mt. Vesuvius, just take a minute to get yourself to relax and let it all out through well timed and well mannered breaths.

We all have troubles with staying happy consistently or dealing with anxiety, but as long as these tips are a part of my life I know I can turn it around. So can all of you. I’m sure you have some routine that helps, but hopefully you can take these tips to heart as well. At least were not like this guy when dealing with unhappiness…

trump .png






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